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Men's Health BlackStrap Feature

"Working out is always good for your health, of course, but during a time of isolation, disrupted structure, and general uncertainty, getting your heart rate up and endorphins flowing are straight up essential. Even better for your health and general stable state of mind? Getting outside, and getting outside a lot.

The BlackStrap Civil Mask has the elements of workout gear that you know and love: moisture-wicking and antimicrobial fabrics. That means it won't get wet or stink up if you're sweating a bunch. Plus, you can toss this one in the washer for maximum cleanliness." - Men's Health

Blackstrap is the leading USA Made face mask company.  Featured on Forbes, Rachel Ray and various Action Sports outlets we are proud to provide the highest quality of service, products and operational initiatives surrounding sustainability and minimizing our footprint as an outdoor company.

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