Featured Athlete: Yvon LaCroix

Yvon LaCroix

Hometown: Calgary Alberta, Canada
Favorite River To Fish: Highwood River/Creeks & Streams
Favorite Species To Fish: Big Browns & Bull Trout

Growing up fishing with his dad, Yvon tried a fly rod for the first time 15 years ago and it was safe to say he would never go back to spin casting. Since then, he has been drawn to the challenge of chasing fish on a fly rod and the overall versatility of the sport.

“From fishing dry flies, to big streamers, to tying your own bugs and catching fish on your own ties! I just love everything about fly fishing. I live for that fly-life.” -Yvon LaCroix

Fishing the Highwood River in Alberta, the temperatures can shift between large gaps of highs and lows. Which leads to the question, what BlackStrap products does Yvon trust to enhance his day on the water?

"I dig all three of my tubes. Sweet designs, super comfortable, breathable and awesome sun protection. I usually go with my Digi Snow Daily Tube on warmer days. Then for the winter time, the Olive Dual Layer Tube combined with the Daily Tube is my go to, to ensure I have a warm cozy day out on the water." -Yvon LaCroix

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