Featured Partner: Bloodknots

Featured Partner: Bloodknots

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"Bloodknots is owned and operated by Asher Koles and Brandon Tillotson, but the brand involves far more people than just us two. Home base lies at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, but our hearts reside on the trout streams and steelhead rivers of the Northwest. We are fly fishing guides for half the year, primarily in the Heber Valley and the Uinta Basin. During that time, and for the remaining portion of the year we are on our feet, exploring new places and meeting new people with fly rod and camera in hand.

Professionally, we specialize in content creation in the form of script, photography and film, and have worked with brands across the fly fishing and outdoor industry. Beyond all that, we strive to uncover new stories, creatively document our journey, and promote stewardship of our special places and their fish.

Our Blackstrap mask of choice is the “daily tube”. There is no SPF rating or amount of sunscreen that will save our faces from the blaring sun, punishing wind and sideways rain that we run into day to day. We wear them in the heat of the summer and dead of winter and are always bummed when we accidentally leave them in the truck..."

-Asher Koles and Brandon Tillotson, Co-Founders of Bloodknots

Salad Days | Vol. 4 from BLOODKNOTS on Vimeo.

Instagram: @Bloodknots

Website: www.bloodknots.com

Tumblr / Photo Portfolio: bloodknots.tumblr.com

Vimeo: www.vimeo.com/bloodknots

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