Randal Seaton: Mt Bachelor 2013/14 from Jim Sanco on Vimeo.


Randal Seaton 

DOB: 06-30-88

Stance: Regular. 21 3/4" wide. 12 degrees/-9 degrees.

Sponsors: BlackStrap, Mt. Bachelor, Lib Technologies,

Smith Optics, Tactics Boardshop, The North Face.

Home Mountain: Mt. Bachelor

Years with BlackStrap: 2

Instagram: @randalseaton


First off, I know you are originally from Idaho and that your parents worked at your local resort. You once mentioned going from school straight to the slopes everyday. This is any kids dream, given their respective sport. How did this amazing situation help your snowboarding career growing up? 

I consider myself very lucky to have grown up the way I did. I think that being subjected to mountain life at such an early age, and high frequency, made me very comfortable with snow under my feet. The town of Kellogg is located in a valley which makes everything very condensed. It is so condensed that you could go K-12 and never be further than a snowball throw away from the gondola. It was very easy to throw on your snowboarding, get up after PE, and be on the hill in no time. I am a firm believer that if you do something long enough you are bound to get something right.




How long ago did you move to Bend, Oregon and why?

I moved to Bend in the summer of 2010. My wife Kiri grew up ski racing out of Sunriver and we wanted to live in a mountain town together since we first started dating. She graduated from Gonzaga University that spring and I had just finished up snowboard bumming for 4 years, so it seemed natural to try out a mountain town that she was familiar with.


You have been with BlackStrap for over a couple years now. How did you meet the boys, and how did you end up on the team?

I was very fortunate to start college when I did. I met some of the hardest hitting snowboarders in bend my first day of class. Among the list was Will Dennis “BD Dennis, Justin Sampson “Savi’s father”, and Justin Norman “J-Norm”. They were all kind of weary of me at first because I didn’t dress the snowboarder part, but after sharing turns and smiles they came around. I remember reaching out to Jim for a free face mask a couple of years ago and he gave up a sick wood grain hood. After that I just tried to bug him as much as possible about getting on. The squeaky snowboarder gets the goods!



Randal Seaton and Will Dennis giving the "Thumbs Up" on hill. Photo: Tyler Orton.


What's in your headphones when you’re doing circus tricks on your snowboard?

I gave up riding with music about 4 years ago. If you see me with headphones on the mountain I am making business calls. 


You live one of the more interesting lifestyles, out of all the people I have ever met. It seems like most people either work to live or live to work, having either full time jobs or hardly any jobs at all. How do you manage such a balanced lifestyle between being married, having a new puppy, buying your first house, finishing your degree, and working different jobs while still being able to be on the slopes so much?

I will let you know! All of this has happened within the last year, so I am trying my best to juggle! I think that living in such a bad ass spot like Bend helps a lot. I am also very grateful to have a woman that keeps me focused and organized. It also helps that she loves to be on snow too.



Randal and little Riggins have a hard time leaving each other alone.


Here's a classic: when I say most memorable moment on your snowboard, what's the first thing that pops to mind? 

The year before last I asked my now father in law if I could marry his daughter mid run down Cow’s Face. Because he has raised 4 ski racers, I would imagine it would have been easier for him to say yes if I didn’t have a snowboard on my feet. 


If you had to choose your spirit animal, what would it be and why?

I just took The Spirit Animal Test ( and I am a Butterfly.  My characteristics include but are not limited to : Powerful transformation, metamorphosis, playfulness, and the world of the soul. What ever the f*** that means.



It seems like you have a super talented family. You definitely have one of the best casts with a fly rod I have ever seen in person. But your brothers are legends on the river in Idaho. Can you tell me about their impact on not only your snowboarding career, but your passion for fishing?

I started following the boot pack of my two older brothers at a very young age. We all started out as skiers but my middle brother Matt started snowboarding when I was 11 and I found it impossible not to follow suit. I think Matt helped me progress so much because he was the best snowboarder I had ridden with.  I am a firm believer in riding with people that are better than you. He always made me guinea pig everything that we built too which scared the shit out of me all the time.

My passion for fly fishing stems from all of the great fly fishermen in my family before me. I was very lucky to grow up fishing in northern Idaho and western Montana my whole life. I would love to say that fishing with my brothers growing up was wonderful, but those guys were assholes a lot of the time.

I recall one instance that I was fishing a short run above a bridge that my brothers were perched on. The river was heavily brushed on either side so I was wading up the middle and fishing upstream. My brothers grew impatient as I missed several fish in a row and decided to bite off their flies and false cast over and over whipping me in the head and shirtless back. I still haven’t repaid them for that one. People don’t forget. 



 Randal puts his time in on the river and it pays off for him.


Another classic: What's your favorite photo of one of your favorite riders doing your favorite trick?

Kazu’s cover in this years October issue of Transworld is nasty. That back one japan is huge and he rides pow with no hat on. What is that?!


Are you an inne or an outey?

Thank god an easy one. Inne.


Do you have a favorite resort outside of Oregon and your home resort? What makes it sicker than most resorts?

I was able to make it to Kicking Horse outside of Golden in British Columbia and I am still trying to make it back there. It was by far the coolest in bound snowboarding I have ever done. There was a 6 mile long cat track that had more unique side hits than you have ever seen. The little things.




A lot of little Grom's are going to read this interview from their favorite Mt. Bachelor rider. What type of advice would you give them for their come up in snowboarding? 

From what I have seen of the youngsters at Mt. Bachelor I should be asking them for advice. But really kids, thank your parents for the support they are giving you. Do you know how many leaves you would have to rake to buy your own pass?  


Thanks a lot, Mr. Seaton. You are seriously a genuine dude and we are all stoked to have gotten to share so many experiences with you over the past couple years. Keep pushing your sport in the right direction and having a positive impact on everyone around you. 


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