Caught Up W/ Tyler Redes

So first things first, how did you get involved with snowboarding?"
First things first, I'm the rillist, haha. It all started when I was 12 and bought a 5150 snowboard, tech-nine bindings and went on a family snowboard trip after that I couldn't stay away.
“Have you always been looked at as some sort of Lemur your whole life?
Kinda sorta. I can definitely see the resemblance.
How did you get so involved with riding? Was anyone in particular an influence on you?
I got really involved when I started MSA. I was lucky enough to ride with kids like Zack Wilmot, Sam Blazejewski, and some other awesome riders. I'd say watching them and whatever video I could get my hands like “It Aint’ Easy” and “Steezin for no Reason” were influential.
Hows life been with signal snowboards? I saw their 'Every Third Thursday' feature with you and it looked pretty rad.
Signal has been awesome to me, hands down the best company out there hand making they're own boards and constantly switching it up doing fun stuff. The ETT we did in Boston was all time! Shredding the streets of Boston with Dave Lee and Marc W (the owners) was wild.
Do you think youll maintain your roots on the East coast or venture out West?
Naww, ill visit the west but it’s all about the East. Don’t get me wrong I love it out there, but living in the East forces you to get weird since conditions are rough most of the time. Between the type of riding and the community out here, it is home.


After suffering a TBI in 2010, do you think that switched your snowboarding career from competing to shooting more video parts?"
That crash definitely slowed me down for a bit. Maybe knocked some sense into me and got me to stop trying to win stuff and start just doing it my way.
"What mountain would you say is the staple of your riding?"
Mount Snow has been my home forever.
"Where do you see yourself in the next few years with everything thats been going on so far?"
I see my self sticking on the path I’m on, filming with some awesome dudes and do some events here and there. Next year is going to be a good one for me, I've got some big plans in the works but I don't want to jinx it so I'm gonna stop there haha.
"That trailer you've got a few minutes from Carinthia Parks seems like a real hit, how's that been for you and the homies this year?"
The camper has been a game changer. Its tough living in CT and being a weekend warrior but that gave us a sanctuary to get to on the weekends. Its only 2 minutes from the hill and is basically everything I could ever want in one space. Friends, beer, an xbox, the neighbors wifi and some good food. We put our favorite stuff in a fort, and moved it to our favorite place and have between 4-7 people there every weekend.

"Getting invited to all the big jams like Rails to Riches and Last Call is pretty heavy, how have those been?"
They have been pretty great. All the riders are friends so we all know what to expect from each other and it’s fun to see where everyone is at or what crazy stuff can get busted out on that day. Last Call was insanity. 

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