The Ladies Jackson Session

The Ladies Jackson Session

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Recently, BlackStrap Ind. had the privilege of being involved with the Ladies Jackson Session in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When we were approached by Cy Whitling to create custom Daily Tubes featuring the very talented Rachel Pohl, we immediately jumped on board.
These gals really know how to shred and have a good time. | P: Cy Whitling
Needless to say, the session was a huge success. The custom masks were a hit and the ladies absolutely killed it on hill. Post session, Cy was able to put some media together and then posted a detailed product review featured on

"After the Jackson Session I toured a few days in Teton Pass before heading home and walking up some more mountains. Since then I have had the opportunity to test both my hinged hood and daily tube in a variety of conditions and I am ready to deliver my verdict."


To see some great photos and hear what Cy Whitling has to say about our face masks, Rachel Pohl, and Regional Rider Will Burks - click this link!


P: Cy Whitling

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