BlackStrap Addresses Uncertain Times with Proactive Action

BlackStrap Addresses Uncertain Times with Proactive Action

BlackStrap works to facilitate and procure PPE  for Oregon State and restructures their domestic supply chain to manufacture public safety face mask options for Individuals in essential public settings worldwide.
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Facilitation and Procurement of PPE and a restructuring of their domestic supply chain to manufacture public safety equipment for Individuals in essential public settings Worldwide.

Bend, Oregon, 4/15/20 – BlackStrap, the leading US based manufacturer of ski, snowboard, and outdoor facemasks, has been on a mission. It sets out to actively contribute to the effort to defeat the current worldwide pandemic and the spreading of the COVID-19 virus.

Starting from the inside out, BlackStrap focused first on the wellbeing of its family & company. Our Bend, Oregon warehouse has remained operational thanks to stringent risk management practices, strict social distancing, heightened sanitation procedures, and the hard work of a highly dedicated crew.

“Our office departments including Marketing, Customer Service, Sales Management, and Art have been working remotely full time for over 3 weeks now.” Jim Sanco, BlackStrap’s Brand Manager said. “Our focus was to ensure that we could transform what we have achieved in our offices in the last 10 years to a remote setting.” He added. “This was something we have never done before. So, we began from scratch. We had, meantime, to secure providing adequate services to our retail partners and individual customers worldwide.” Sanco concluded. 

This worldwide health pandemic has demanded action from agencies, companies, and individuals, across various industries. BlackStrap’s charismatic CEO, Abe Shehadeh, was among the earliest to jump on the support wagon. He amassed and projected all the resources he has harnessed over the last 12 years since the birth of BlackStrap to help in this fight.

Starting locally, Shehadeh, worked diligently with several Oregon State Agencies to link various supplying partners, both domestic and international, to provide the state of Oregon’s frontline health care fighters with over 2.7 million PPE units of Medical Protective Masks.

“It was a new experience working with different State and Federal agencies to develop, assess, and implement the steps essential to deliver the PPE that our health care heroes need to safely operate. I was fortunate to be able to actively work with long-standing industry partners from around the world to supply the PPE” – Abe Shehadeh, BlackStrap CEO and Founder stated.

While Shehadeh worked at the state level sourcing PPE, BlackStrap Industries worked to optimize their resources and assets as a US based company that specializes in developing, sourcing, and manufacturing quality accessories (including facemasks,) and performance textiles, for use in the Snow Sports and Active Outdoor Industries of the world.

In a matter of days, BlackStrap had pivoted their entire supply chain to produce, supply, and donate Public Health Masks to companies, community entities, and individuals worldwide. The masks are available to the public at For every mask purchased direct online, BlackStrap donates a mask to needy local agencies and Individuals. BlackStrap projects to donate more than 10,000 masks in the month of April alone. We have been taking references from the public to locate agencies in need from coast to coast. 

BlackStrap is not a certified medical manufacturing company, but can supply a USA made facemask that is eco-friendly, comfortable and a functional barrier for people in public setting (Grocery Store, doctors office etc.) and also for businesses with staff that faces the public, and whose operations have been deemed essential. We aspire to excel where we can, and right now that is as a textile manufacturing and worldwide distribution company.

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