BlackStrap USA Made Public Health Facemask & Donations

The Civil Mask is a Public Health Facemask that is provided to entities in need and mitigates risks for individuals in essential public settings. It is helping to keep domestic textile facilities operating and keeping waste out of landfills.

Bend, Oregon, 4/17/2020 - As the leading domestic manufacturer of facemasks in the ski, snowboard & outdoor industries, BlackStrap has developed a Public Health Facemask that would deliver protection for individuals in essential public settings. BlackStrap’s core values revolve around supporting and uplifting communities by creating sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

The Civil Mask was released to the public on April 5th, 2020, and it is currently available and shipping worldwide from BlackStrap’s World Headquarters in Bend OR. The Mask is a Hundred percent genuinely manufactured product. It is made with 2 layers of US milled fabric and is cut and sewn in California. Each mask is made from upcycled fabric that would have otherwise hit the cutting room floor.

“Repurposing the fabric from the production of our main products permitted the Civil Mask to be produced overnight. It saves shipping the fabric between facilities and streamlines the entire production process. Thus, enabling us to maintain the highest quality standards, and fulfill orders regardless of quantities.” -Abe Shehadeh, BlackStrap’s Founder and CEO, said.

While the Civil Mask is not medically certified, it does have features making it an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for public health face wear. The Civil Mask is reusable, and able to be machine washed and dried for multiple uses. The upcycled fabric is naturally antimicrobial, and the material used for the ear hoops and edges has been used on other BlackStrap Facemasks for increased comfort and stability.

BlackStrap’s Public Safety Facemasks, including the Civil Mask, are being supplied Worldwide, from the US to Australia. With that, the opportunity to help those in need is greatly compounded. BlackStrap will be donating proceeds from every Civil Mask sold to various agencies that are searching for proper Public Safety Face Masks for their employees and they are actively taking the public’s input to help spread the impact of donating the masks as wide as possible.

“The power of social media is apparent in the way we are managing the community donation initiative.” Jim Sanco, BlackStrap’s Brand Manager, stated. “While we have local PNW companies and agencies that will benefit from a donation of 25-100 Civil Masks, the real reach of this program has come from the public giving input on BlackStrap social media platforms referring a wide range of agencies including care givers, grocery stores and first responders from across the country that would benefit from our donation program.” He added.

Moving forward, BlackStrap is poised to continue supplying the Civil Mask worldwide for individuals, companies, and agencies. With Local, State, and Federal mandates changing daily regarding individuals having to wear face masks in public, BlackStrap is proud to provide one of the highest quality, USA Made, sustainable, and eco-friendly Public Safety Face Masks to date.

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