Descend on Bend: A Nomadic Gathering Of Life-Living Enthusiasts

Descend on Bend is an annual four-day gathering of like-minded, creative, life-living outdoor enthusiasts who share the same passion for van life, overlanding, and other vehicle dwellings just outside of Bend, OR. This gathering has taken place for many years and grows in popularity and attendance every year, which is now known to be one of the largest gatherings of its kind with over a 1,000 registered vehicles. 

Descend on Bend Van

Descend on Bend is full of community building, live music, potlucks, and daily guided morning yoga routines. There are also seminars like stargazing and astronomy sessions, kids’ wilderness skills workshops, and much more.

Descend on Bend Crew

BlackStrap sponsored the 2021 gathering by providing some rad, one-of-a-kind custom Descend on Bend UV multifunctional headbands and Daily Tube neck gaiters to the event's staff and friends. We also joined the festivities and experienced the magic of this community-building event firsthand while giving out 100s of free headbands, beanies, and neck gaiters to its attendees. 

Kids at Descend on Bend wearing BlackStrap headbands

BlackStrap Customer Descend on Bend Neck Gaiters

From August 26th through the 29th, the 2022 Descend on Bend gathering is going to be one for the books. Learn more about the upcoming gathering at

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