Featured Athlete: Bobby Harrison

Hometown: Capistrano Beach, California

Sponsors: Redington, Rising, BlackStrap Ind.

Favorite Water To Fish: The LA River

Favorite Species To Fish For: Carp

Instagram: @_bobby_harrison_

“My name is Bobby Harrison. I am a 27 year old SoCal native, born in Los Angeles and now living in Dana Point. Haha yea I know, fly fishing in LA? Trust me; we hear it all the time.”

“I spent most of my summers as a kid in Florida with my Grandpa. Gramps loved to fish and had a boat so naturally I was hooked as just a little grom. When we moved to Orange County, we moved right up the street from Laguna Niguel Lake: basically a pond on steroids. That was the start of it all! Every weekend I was down there harassing all the hardcore guys for whatever info I could get out of them. So, it turned out Laguna Niguel Lake was the spot a lot of the orange county fly fishing guys went to to sharpen their still water nymphing skills for fishing Crowley. After seeing those guys crushing it, it was straight to mowing lawns to add to the fly rod fund. I was super lucky as a kid, both my parents were very supportive of my stoke for fishing and made sure I was on the water constantly.”

“So after a few years of nerding out on fly fishing I soon realized high school girls weren’t as into fly fishing as I was, haha. It was so weird, still can’t figure that one out. So after a few years of girls, surfing, and being just really really cool, we started getting burnt out on the crowded beaches and party scene. We wanted another way to enjoy the ocean and fishing was it. My friend Kameron and I dusted off the fly rods and got too it.”

“Now where we live, especially back then, there was really zero info on fly fishing in the ocean. So Kam and I really just winged it in the beginning. Years and years later we are just as stoked and having just as much fun! We are super lucky and have a very tight knit fly fishing community her in SoCal so lots of new friends were made. Thanks to fly fishing and social media I have made some of my best friendships. Honestly, pretty much all of my closest friends are people I have met through fly fishing and the good old Insta. I’m so lucky to fish with guys like Matus, Rich, and Kameron on a daily basis. We have a super solid crew out here and I wouldn’t be where I’m at without these dudes.”

“Aside from BlackStrap making great products, they are all solid dudes. They are a group of guys just like you and me who love to fish and ride. That’s why I think they make such a great product and I’m stoked to represent such an awesome brand. With a huge selection of designs and different styles, I couldn’t imagine using anything else. Thanks dudes!” -Bobby Harrison

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