Featured Athlete: Matus Sobolic

Hometown: Altadena, CA

Sponsors: BlackStrap, Redington, Rio Products, Rising, Elm Company (Heineken if you are reading this call me please)

Favorite waters to fish: Changes by the week and species

Favorite species: Mako Sharks

Instagram: @Calicarpin

"My name is Matus Sobolic. I'm a 31 year old Los Angeles transplant, born in Slovakia and now living in Altadena, CA."

"I started fishing at a very young age. My father and uncle were both avid fisherman and would take me out with them regularly. We fished for everything from Pike, Perch and Carp in Slovakia, to trout in the high alpine lakes of California's Eastern Sierras, to Sharks, Rays and Corbina in the SoCal surf. I discovered fly fishing one day around twelve years old sitting at a lake in the Sierras. We were sitting around for hours waiting for our bait to get picked up with no luck while watching a guy float tubing in front of us stripping streamers and picking up a fish every ten minutes. I decided right then that I had to figure out what the hell that guy was doing and it's all been downhill from there. I joined the Pasadena Casting Club at 13 years old and was their youngest member at the time. I learned how to cast and spent countless weekends riding my bike down to the casting pond to perfect my technique (riding a bmx bike with a 2 piece rod is not as easy it sounds!) I started tying flies and even built a few rods."

"Fast forward another 15 years and the obsession is still there. We are very fortunate here in Southern California to have access to a very wide range of fishing opportunities (I know, we hear it all the time. Yes, there are fish in Los Angeles). The species we target change every day. We can run down to the river and chase Carp, hit the local lakes and ponds for Bass, go up into the local mountains for trout, walk the surf and sight fish Corbina, float the bay's for Spotted Bass and Calicos, or charge offshore for Yellowtail, Tuna, Dorado and Mako Sharks. It really all depends on the mood we are in."

"BlackStrap’s gear is made 100% in the USA by dudes that actually fish and know exactly what we all need. Their gear is essential for what we are doing and it insures that we get more time out on the water, enabling us to live the lifestyle that we want. If you have ever spent a day offshore in a small boat with the sun pounding on you for hours your tube will quickly become your best friend."  -Matus Sobolic

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