Featured Partner: RISING

Featured Partner: RISING

“We built a better mousetrap. That’s the common thread between Rising and Blackstrap. Truthfully, from 10 feet away we both have products that look very similar to the competition-most of whom copied our products. But once you use our products in the field, the benefits and advantages are apparent. After a few hours on the water you realize the virtues of high quality fabric with sewn seams on the neck tube and the hand sharpened edges on a nippa. It’s our attention to detail that creates a better mousetrap, and most of all, our motivation to make the best.


We have been around for a decade. Originally we focused on designing clever solutions to common fishing problems and having others manufacture them. But following rough periods with an exclusive distributor it became apparent that the only path to long term survival and prosperity was to move into in-house manufacturing.  For the last 4 years we have evolved into a “small-batch” manufacturing powerhouse – turning out BBQ tools, Fly Tying Tools, and a line of Anodized Aluminum Nets that are embraced by knowledgeable anglers world-wide.


Rising is in Francis, Utah at the base of Uinta National Forest, minutes from the famed Provo River, and an hour away from the concrete warehouses and big city amenities of Salt Lake City. We chose our location because hard manual labor is more enjoyable with views of mountaintops and free stone rivers. 


In closing - good things come to those who are honest and hard working. It is easy to cut the corners but only through sweat and muscle, we are successfully taking the path less traveled. We thank you for the support.”


Dylan Rothwell - founder, president, chief laborer – RISING




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