Pivoting through a Pandemic

Pivoting through a Pandemic


Bend companies pivot resources and expertise to meet the worlds evolving needs

With parts of the world coming back online to the new norm following the COVID19 pandemic many US business doors remain closed with little clarity as to when they will be cleared to resume any level of operations. Meanwhile, a growing number of small businesses have made drastic efforts to supply the evolving demand for specialty products to support their communities, employees and the general public.

As the leading domestic manufacturer of facemasks in the ski, snowboard & outdoor industries, BlackStrap was compelled to develop Public Health Safety Face Mask’s that would offer a USA made, reusable & eco-minded option and that could be delivered immediately for individuals to wear when in necessary public settings (grocery store, doctors office etc) as well as for employees of businesses with essential operations (Truck drivers, manufacturing etc.).

"Once the CDC released a statement saying any face covering will do, we decided that we could help and we could help in a big way." Says BlackStrap CEO and Founder Abe Shehadeh. 

Resemblant of how organisms react to harsh or changed environments, businesses like BlackStrap have been forced to adapt to the current social conditions and the result has been pretty spectacular.

As we began to look around we saw many of our friends doing similar things. Specifically, we noticed Oregon Spirit Distillers who pivoted their distillery operation to hand sanitizer production to help with the nationwide sanitizer shortage. Along with keeping their staff employed, they have been able hire individuals that are out of work due to the pandemic. Working with the State of Oregon and other Distilleries, they are providing multiple types of sanitizers to hospitals, businesses and the general public who do not have access.

These are the kinds of proactive & creative actions that will not only help us get through these uncertain times, but will help us come out stronger and more united than ever in our new “norm”, regardless of what that looks like when it arrives.

Be Happy, Be Healthy and Stay Positive


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