There’s Good News Too: BlackStrap USA Made Facemasks


BlackStrap was able to pivot their supply chain & operations to offer Public Health Facemask options to keep their staff working and now, hiring on additional workers to ensure timely order fulfillment. 

A special thanks to EDCO for putting together this feature at our Bend OR Facility.

As the leading domestic manufacturer of facemasks in the ski, snowboard & outdoor industries, BlackStrap has developed a Public Health Facemask that will deliver protection for individuals in essential public settings and public facing work environments. 

The Civil Mask was released in early April by BlackStrap.  As a product, it aligns with BlackStrap’s core values as a company revolving.  

  • Supplying the highest quality standards with domestic manufacturing
  • Mindfully developing & manufacturing products to be sustainable & eco minded
  • Bettering our communities by supporting individuals and agencies in need.

The Civil Mask is a true product of the USA and is being made from upcycled fabric scraps left from the manufacturing of other BlackStrap products. This not only keeps fabric scraps out of the landfill, it also allowed this program to jump start overnight and masks began delivering to customers within the first 72 hours of manufacturing.

While the Civil Mask is not medically certified, it does have features making it an eco-friendly and sustainable choice for public health face wear. The Civil Mask is reusable, and able to be machine washed and dried daily uses. The upcycled fabric is milled in the USA, lightweight, tightly woven and the material used for the ear hoops and edges has been used on other BlackStrap Facemasks for increased comfort and stability.

With that, the entire end game is focused on supporting community agencies and individuals across the US.  Each mask sold has proceeds donated to supplying masks for others in need and the reach of these donations has gone coast to coast thanks to social media.  BlackStrap has been taking references from our social media followers to identify agencies across the US that would benefit from a donation of up to 250 masks at a time.   Throughout May, more than 10,600 masks will be donated just from those ordered on in April.

Moving forward, BlackStrap is poised to continue supplying the Civil Mask worldwide for individuals, companies, and agencies. With Local, State, and Federal mandates changing daily regarding individuals having to wear face masks in public, BlackStrap is proud to provide one of the highest quality, USA Made, sustainable, and eco-friendly Public Safety Face Masks to date.

If you wish to inquire about our donation program for any reason, please send an email to and our team will be happy to help in any way. Here are a few local organizations and entities that we have supported with masks so far!

Mosaic Medical 

St. Charles Health System

Cascades of Bend Assisted Living  

Touchmark Retirement 

Palestinian American Community Center 

Whispering Winds

Big Brothers Big Sisters Central Oregon

Neighbor Impact 

Bend Park and Recreation District

Newport Avenue Market 

Oregon Spirit Distillers

Palestinian American Community Center 

Be Happy, Be Healthy and Stay Positive


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