BlackStrap Expedition Hood Dual Layer Balaclava Ski Mask


Our warmest balaclava for the coldest days


The Expedition Hood Balaclava is your best friend when the storms start to stack up. This is our warmest balaclava when the door to the white room is open all day. The Expedition Hood features a 360° PERFA dual-layer mesh liner for added warmth without compromising breathability, ensuring that you stay warm and comfortable begging mother nature for more. At BlackStrap, we believe that storm days can be the best days, and the Expedition Hood lives and dies by it.

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The cornerstone of BlackStrap’s lightweight fabric technology.

TREO is a Breathable, performance knit synthetic blend with 4-Way Stretch, Quick-Dry, and has Odor-Free attributes. TREO is highly Abrasion-Resistant with a Soft-Touch next-to-skin feel. TREO is also Machine Washer and Dryer Safe, Moisture-Wicking, Lens-Safe, and features SpectraUV (UPF 50+).



Our Exo-Hinge technology is mindfully constructed for maximum mobility and ergonomics ensuring zero compromise to overall fit and performance.


All BlackStrap fabrics have been tested in accordance with Solar Light Company to ensure to ensure the highest rating in the market, 98% UV Protection (UPF 50+).

DriFlo System

BlackStrap's Dri-Flo system is a Moisture-Wicking technology designed to ensure your sweat evaporates from your skin allowing for optimal temperature regulation.


Dual-Layer in critical areas provide extra warmth an wind barrier.
BlackStrap fabrics are Breathable to ensure optimal temperature regulation.
BlackStrap fabrics are 4-Way Stretch ensuring maximum fit and comfort without movement restriction.
BlackStrap fabrics are Moisture-Wicking to ensure your sweat evaporates from your skin.
BlackStrap fabrics are Abrasion-Resistant ensuring you remain comfortable when you are active. .
BlackStrap fabrics are developed to provide Thermal-Regulation in hot and cold environments.
BlackStrap fabrics are Odor-Free to keep you fresh and confident.
Who wants to be wet when not in the water? BlackStrap fabrics are Quick-Dry.
All BlackStrap fabrics are Lens-Safe, so don't be afraid to clean your lens scratch free.
No one likes scratchy feeling apparel. BlackStrap fabrics are Soft-Touch ensuring all day comfort.
BlackStrap fabrics are Machine Washer and Dryer Safe, and will not peel or fade.