BLACKSTRAP WASTE-ZERO: Mindful Manufacturing & USA Made Products

BlackStrap's Waste-Zero initiative focuses on the environmental impacts associated with textile milling of fabric and the physical manufacturing of products.  Through mindful product development we have been able to dramatically minimize the waste fabric that would other wise wind up on the cutting room floor by building innovative products that protect the environment, your gear & your body when in the outdoors!
THE IMPACT: Fabric remnants remaining from the manufacturing of BlackStrap Facegear & Baselayer.
THE SOLUTION: Develop products that utilize 90%+ of these remnants into innovative products.
Whether you are storing your goggles in your gear bag, eating lunch or need to clean your goggles on the lift you will love the versatility of this small tool that was created to first minimize impacts to the environment while eliminating damage to your goggle lenses when not being used!
Stripping Guards from BlackStrap help protect the environment while saving your fingers from cuts and burn from stripping line.  This product eliminates the last small piece of fabric left from the manufacturing of our classic Hood-Balaclava.