BlackStrap Civil Face Mask

Below you will find a collection of product info and solutions for The Civil Mask based on the most Commonly Asked Questions and Inquiries from our customers including: How to wear, care instructions, fit hacks for small faces & large faces and an overview of how theses masks are helping agencies and individuals in need all thanks to your purchase!
Common Question: How do I wear my Civil Mask
Answer: With the perforated material on your face with the BLACKSTRAP Logo facing out and on the bottom left of your face pull the ear hoops around your ears and secure mask at brim of nose. Ideally you want a snug fit on all 4 sides of the mask where it meets your chin, nose and cheeks.
Common Inquiry: "My mask is to large and/or I am looking for a kids sized facemask"
Solution: One of our amazing customers gave us an awesome solution to size The Civil Mask for XS Adult faces and Kids.  As the Civil Mask is OSFA this solution maximizes the fit range for the smaller end of the spectrum!
Common Inquiry: "My Mask is to small out of the box and is pulling on the back of my ears"
Solution: The Civil Mask was designed to fit the absolute widest range of faces possible.  While the fabric on the ear hoops has a good amount of stretch out of the box, the ear hoops and piping around the face will "break in" as it is used and worn. Start by giving the ear hoops some stretches  and wear the mask a bit to break it in and soften the fabric a little bit.
Common Question: How do I wash & dry My Civil Mask™?
Answer: The Civil Mask™ is machine wash and dry friendly.  Wash on cold gentle cycle, tumble dry on low.  You can also hand wash and/or hang dry.  Do not bleach, do not iron.
Common Question: Who is BlackStrap Donating Masks to?
Answer: For Every Mask sold on BlackStrap is donating a mask to an agency, business or individual in need. Since April 1, 2020 BlackStrap has delivered more than 52,000 donated Civil Masks to agencies coast to coast and Blackstrap is poised to maintain this donation platform as a pillar of our Civil Mask Program.  Learn about this program, recommend an agency to receive a donation and check out the amazing Agencies, Businesses & Individuals that have received donated masks here!