Jako Lucas


Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa
Favorite Water To Fish And Species To Fish For:
That is a very difficult, almost impossible, question to answer, as every location I guide at has something different to offer.
But let me try narrow it down, I think if you speak to anyone who has been to Seychelles they will agree that it’s one of the best locations in terms of the sheer number of species you could fish for throughout the season.  It is also one of the best spots for catch GT’s… I don’t know any other fish that will hit the fly with the pure power that a GT will. Just imagine, you are walking along a flat, in the distance you see a shark, but something is different about this shark, what is that around it? A dozen sickle tails, holy sh*t! Those are all GT’s. Ok lets try and keep our cool and get into position, lets head closer to the shark, what are you crazy? Trust me…. Ok just cast the fly in a 30x30ft radius of the gang of GT’s. Ok, nice, start stripping, strip, strip, strip, faster, strip…. F%$# they are all coming, strip….. Boom…… Hold on, turn the drag all the way….. How can you not just love that?! I mean, even as the fish takes the fly his whole head comes out and looks you straight in the eye, as if to say, this is mine, get your own! I mean who could not love that! Seychelles is really one of my top guiding destinations but do not be mistaken, Mongolia is also one of the best places to fish for monster Taimen… on these huge squirrel flies. And of course is you are looking for something a bit more elegant with hints of grandeur… nothing beats Atlantic Salmon. You can feel the excitement build when you see these 20lbs Chromers swimming past you as you wade through to our desired spot.
Instagram: @cptjackfilms