Joey van der Meer | SKI




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Name: Joey Jasper Paul van der Meer          Age: 22 years yung        IG:  @ScrappyJoeYoung         Home Mtn: Mt. Hood, Oregon

What got you started skiing: 
Growing up in Portland, I was always very active playing sports. I followed my passion through soccer & skateboarding, eventually the passion led me to snow. In middle school, most of my friends we’re already way into skiing and snowboarding, and after  watching a few ski flicks I began to enjoy the look of skis more and more. Skiing started becoming a weekly to nearly daily thing with the programs provided, from there my passion only grew.

Who were your favorite riders growing up: 
T-hall. BloodyDollaz. Mi Tanner Rainville. T-Wall. Tammy Warnick, RIP and a big shout to our boy Matt Heffernan aka Heffy aka Heffnasty, send it for Heffy on the daily!

Pre Ski Rituals:I woke up feeling’ brand new. Hopped up out the bedroom in a hurry to make my “JoeGotti” special sunny side eggs, gather my gear & book it to the montagne!

Hobbies outside of Skiing:
Skateboarding, Surfing, Soccer, Hoopin!

Music while you ride: 
Anything like that “southerplayalisticadillacmuzic”, southern funk & hip-hop. All West Coast hype & hyph, DJ mustard produced (10 summers), Andre Hicks aka MacDre (RIP), East Coast sound (Bronx, Brooklyn, Flatbush, Queens, Harlem, all the OG’s & new school), pretty much anything with a good tempo!

Guilty pleasures:
 Drinking water..and Bool'n out with my woe's!

Why do you ride for BlackStrap:
Stoked to ride for a local brand that supports its athletes 100%. BlackStrap makes the most durable & high quality protection for your pretty smile & face, plus its what the cool kids tend to wear.

Facemask of choice:
 PDX Airport carpet exclusive Daily Tube!