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Name: Jonah Williams          Age: 20         IG:  @jonahwilliams          Home Mtn: Powder Mountain, Utah!

What got you started skiing: 
Most of my Family are big time skiers, so of course they got me up on skis at young age.  Mom and Dad, Aunt Heather, and 'Ski Papa' Wayne took me skiing almost every weekend growing up.  I've been hooked ever since. 

Who were your favorite riders growing up: I looked up to a wide spectrum of skiers, from Tom Wallisch & Simon Dumont to Candide Thovex, Shane McKonkey & Pep Fujas.  Also, anyone who put out great edits or movies inspired me.  Film groups like TGR, Level 1, MSP, Poor Boyz Prod, 4bi9, and Warren Miller Films motivated me to be a great skier.

Pre Ski Rituals: I try to eat a bomb breakfast, stretch, and jam to some jazzy tunes before I go shred.

Hobbies outside of Skiing: I love camping, mountain biking, skating, surfing, reading and writing, and playing my guitar. Anything where I can be outside, especially with good friends and/or family. (:  I love cooking too, but food goes hand in hand with everything, so that's good!

Music while you ride?  It depends on my mood.. Sometimes its smooth rap with chill beats, other times I cruise to modern, jazzy type music.

Guilty pleasures: Other than Mangos and Avocados? Ummm..  Listening to Lana Del Rey.

Why do you ride for BlackStrap: There are several reasons..  Products are tested in Oregon, and made in the USA, both of which I'm a huge supporter (being born in Eugene).   Quality is key; their products hold up, look good, and are versatile for almost anything I will be doing during the day.  Last but not least, the crew is friendly and down to earth.  I haven't been a part of the BlackStrap family for long, but I already feel welcome, and that they respect my personality and opinions.   

Facemask of choice: I'm a big fan of the BS Dual Layer Tubes.  They have a snug fit (not too tight), and I can let the hair flow. 

Support: BlackStrap Industries, Saga Outerwear, Salomon Freeski, Dragon Alliance, Stash Ski Poles, Snogression, We Are The Coterie (SoulRyders), TreeFort Lifestyles