BlackStrap Technology Story - TECH AF, Fabric, Function, Feature
BlackStrap Technology Story - TECH AF, Fabric, Function, Feature

there are many F’s given!

when it comes to Tech

Our technical fabrics prioritize innovation and outperform the competition. We keep three F-Bombs—fabric, function, and features—at the core of our technology story.

BlackStrap TECH AF Technology Story - Fabric Tech


The cornerstone of BlackStrap’s lightweight fabric technology.

TREO is a Breathable, performance knit synthetic blend with 4-Way Stretch, Quick-Dry, and has Odor-Free attributes. TREO is highly Abrasion-Resistant with a Soft-Touch next-to-skin feel. Treo is also Machine Washer and Dryer Safe, Moisture-Wicking, Lens-Safe, and features SpectraUV (UPF 50+).

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Balaclavas, Neck Warmers, Kids' Balaclavas, Kids' Neck Warmers, Technical Beanies, Accessories

BlackStrap EXTEN Fabric is featured on Baselayers.


Light, but not too lightweight. In fact, it’s just right.

Thoughtfully constructed by BlackStrap, EXTEN is a highly versatile brushed 4-Way Stretch, Breathable performance fabric which boasts exten-sive Quick-Dry features. It has Thermal-Regulation to ensure your temperature is regulated while being active with a Soft-Touch next-to-skin feel. EXTEN is also Lens-Safe, Moisture-Wicking, has Odor-Free properties, SpectraUV (UPF 50+) for sun protection, and its Machine Washer and Dryer Safe.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Men's Skyliner Base Layers, Women's Pinnacle Base Layers

BlackStrap VERSA Fabric is a dual-knit that is featured on Baselayers.


Hands down, no contest. We’ve raised the industry standard for technical Midweight perfection.

Mindfully developed by BlackStrap, VERSA is Breathable, Moisture-Wicking and contains 4-Way Stretch for optimum maneuverability. Versa is Quick-Dry, and has Odor-Free properties to keep you smelling fresh all while its hybrid construction is specially designed for maximum Thermal-Regulation to ensure your temperature stays in check in all conditions. Soft-Touch next-to-skin feel, Abrasion-Resitant, Machine Washer and Dryer Safe, Lens-Safe, and SpectraUV (UPF 50+) are all the reasons this is your go-to fabric.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Men's Summit Base Layers, Women's Cloudchaser Base Layers

BlackStrap THERMA Fabric is featured on Baselayers, Balaclavas, and Neck Warmer ski masks.


Polar Vortex? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Meticulously manufactured by BlackStrap®, THERMA is a Midweight, sub-zero annihilator. This fabric features 4-Way Stretch for utmost motility, Quick-Dry, brushed Soft-Touch next-to-skin feel, and Thermal-Regulation to ensure your body maintains warmth while getting after it. Therma is also Machine Washer and Dryer Safe, Moisture-Wicking, Lens-Safe, features SpectraUV (UPF 50+) for sun protection and has Odor-Free properties.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Men's Therma Base Layers, Women's Therma Base Layers, Kids' Base Layers, Camber Hood, Apex Tube, Therma Tube, Kids' Therma Tube, Descend Beanie, Snowbelle Headband

BlackStrap PERFA Fabric is featured on neck gaiters, and used as dual layer liners in ski masks and balaclavas.


Knitted with precision and a bird's eye perspective.

PERFA is a highly Breathable, technical 4-Way Stretch mesh that provides ultimate movability, Odor-Free properties, ultimate Moisture-Wicking properties, and Thermal-Regulation to keep you comfortable and adventuring longer. It’s also Machine Washer and Dryer Safe, Lens-Safe, Quick-Dry and features SpectraUV (UPF 50+) for sun protection.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Neck Gaiter, Kids' Neck Gaiters

BlackStrap SUNSOFT Fabric is featured on performance shirts, sun hoodies, and sun shirts.


Ditch the sunblock, get protected in style.

SUNSOFT gets its due credit from its protection and versatility inland or offshore. Blending performance and comfort with Soft-Touch next-to-skin feel, 4-Way stretch for exceptional flexibility, and ultralight SpectraUV (UPF 50+) for sun protection. SUNSOFT fabric features Quick-Dry and active cooling technology to keep you feeling fresh on those hot summer days. Odor-Free properties, Chlorine-Salt Resistant, Lens-Safe + Machine Washer and Dryer Safe, makes Sunsoft your go-to summer fabric.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: Men's Performance Shirts, Women's Performance Shirts, Kids' Performance Shirts

BlackStrap TECH AF Technology Story - Function Tech
DriFlo System

Unlike traditional fabrics, which trap sweat between the skin and your clothing causing you to feel hot and uncomfortable, BlackStrap’s Dri-Flo system is a Moisture-Wicking technology designed to ensure your sweat evaporates from your skin allowing for optimal temperature regulation.

Hydra System

Evaporative cooling technology applicable to our SunSoft and PERFA fabrics has been thoughtfully manufactured down to the yarn. Simply wet the product and allow the cooling to begin. Heat is absorbed, as a result, cools your temperature allowing for optimal performance.

Ventra System

Meticulously fabricated and strategically placed in critical areas of our garments to allow air movement where your body sweats the most. Designed to Moisture-Wick at a high degree keeping your temperature regulated so you can stay active longer.


Our Exo-Hinge technology is what put BS balaclavas on the map. Mindfully constructed for maximum mobility and ergonomics ensuring zero compromise to overall fit and performance.


All BlackStrap fabrics have been tested in accordance with Solar Light Company to ensure to ensure the highest rating in the market, 98% UV Protection (UPF 50+).

BlackStrap TECH AF Technology Story - Feature Tech
BlackStrap fabrics are 4-Way Stretch ensuring maximum fit and comfort without movement restriction.
BlackStrap fabrics are Abrasion-Resistant ensuring you remain comfortable when you are active. .
BlackStrap fabrics are Breathable to ensure optimal temperature regulation.
Dual-Layer in critical areas provide extra warmth an wind barrier.
All BlackStrap apparel, base layers, and balaclava masks are designed with Finished-Seams.
BlackStrap Ski Masks & Balaclavas are designed to be Helmet-Friendly.
All BlackStrap fabrics are Lens-Safe, so don't be afraid to clean your lens scratch free.
BlackStrap fabrics are Moisture-Wicking to ensure your sweat evaporates from your skin.
BlackStrap fabrics are Odor-Free to keep you fresh and confident.
Who wants to be wet when not in the water? BlackStrap fabrics are Quick-Dry.
BlackStrap SUNSOFT fabric is developed to be Salt and Chlorine Resistant.
No one likes scratchy feeling apparel. BlackStrap fabrics are Soft-Touch ensuring all day comfort.
BlackStrap fabrics are developed to provide Thermal-Regulation in hot and cold environments.
BlackStrap mindfully manufactures its products with Upcycled practices.
BlackStrap fabrics are Machine Washer and Dryer Safe, and will not peel or fade.