Our Commitment

From our Bend OR based HQ, to our manufacturing facilities across the US and throughout our retail presence there is a mindful approach to each process that involves our company, products and industry to ensure that our actions as a company set examples for others to follow and strive for.

STEP 1: Identify Impacts

According to the EPA there is more than 15 million tons of waste fabric created in the USA annually.

With each product we create there is always a % of fabric from the ends of markers created that hit the cutting room floor.

Today we proudly upcycle these scraps into a number of products throughout our Snow, Outdoor & Public Safety product lines.

Step 2: Engrain Solutions Into Product Development

Today we work hand in hand with our in-house cut and sew professionals to build products that make up our WASTE-ZERO Collection of upcycled gear.

Below is a collection of scraps that are up-cycled, scroll over them to see which BlackStrap Product is made from each!

STEP 3: Identify Operational Solutions

Through the processing and delivery of products to retailers we have found ways to limit consumption.


- 100% upcycled packing materials in orders delivered to retail -


- Retailers receive credit towards future purchases by returning high-volume packaging for re-use -

Step 4: Empower & Educate our Family, Friends & Industry

As a company based in (arguably) the outdoor recreation capitol of the West (Bend, OR) we appreciate the recreational resources provided by the mountains, waterways & deserts more than most. We proudly participate in a number of initiatives that we believe usher a responsible message regarding sustainability, land-use and long term planning for a healthier Earth.